Vibrating Compaction Table

Vibratory Compaction Table


Vibrating Compaction Table is used for flattening, compaction (as the name suggests), consolidation, de-aeration, void removal etc duties.

The application of vibrating compaction table is across various industries with the basic purpose of compaction of material placed on top of a vibrating table top.

It is widely used in moulding for removal of air voids from moulds or forms in concrete, refractory and plastics.

In packaging, the vibrating compaction tables are used for better utilization of packaging bag volume by packing more material with help of compaction. Also, packed bags of say 1 quintal may be flattened by placing a compaction table in conveyor line for onward efficient truck loading. Same is the case with compaction of material inside cartons and boxes.

Principle of Operation

Vibrating Compaction Table is a table top that is supported by resilient compression springs or rubber mounts and that vibrates due to mounting of either single or a pair of unbalanced weight vibrating motor.

Variety of contraptions can be thought of that suit desired application utilising the basic scheme mentioned above.


Metaflow Vibrating Compaction Tables is designed for purpose and consequently features are incorporated to fulfil the desired application:

  1. Material of Construction and lining selected to suit requirement without any limitations
  2. Vibrating motion can be gyratory or rectilinear
  3. Necessary arrangement for fixing the mold / part to be vibrated for compaction (heavy duty quick clamps)
  4. Special vibrators for special work environments (explosion proof etc).
  5. Start-stop programmed for pre-qualified cyclic operations
  6. Fast braking for applications that we do not want to pass through resonance vibrations during stops