Bulk Bag Unloader

Metaflow extends its proven vibratory discharge aid employed in Bin Activators to Bulk Bag Unloaders for Safe, Reliable and dust free emptying of bulk bags of 1T and 2T capacity containing range of materials from free flowing to difficult to flow ones. 

Bulk Bag Unloader Image


Metaflow Bulk Bag Unloaders are used for complete emptying of Bulk Bag safely and reliably. It can also be used for partial emptying of bulk bag if so required.

Principle of Operation

  • Bulk Bag Unloading typically pose a problem in unloading owing to packed material inside due to its on weight and small size outlet spouts –thereby invariably halting smooth discharge from outlet in emptying cycle.
  • Metaflow uses proven vibratory discharge aid working principle for emptying of bulk bags efficiently.
  • Host of additional features can make this operation dust free, semi-automatic and even more efficient.


Metaflow Bulk Bag Unloaders come in THREE base models:

  • Customer supported bag: made to rest on vibratory bag rest arrangement in a bottom framing
  • Top framing onto the bottom faming. This includes arrangement for engaging the bulk bag with help of lifting frame used with fork truck. The framing can be made with height adjustments to accommodate different Bulk Bag sizes.
  • Top framing onto the bottom framing and also a hoist and a monorail with pendant for lifting and positioning bag without a fork truck

Additional features may be added depending upon requirement of the customers..

  • Enclosure for bottom frame that houses bag support arrangement
  • Bag spout access door. Additional special arrangement for a glove box
  • Bag slitter
  • Bag Spout closer valve
  • Dust collection system
Support Frame Enclosure

Support Frame Enclosure
Fully enclosed Bulk Bag Support Frame(Optional)

Bag Spout Access Door

Bag Spout Access Door
18″x20″ access door with quick clamps.
Two door access is also available as an option

Bag Slitter

Bag Slitter
Designed for one way bags that have no outlet. Used only with vibrated hopper bottom to assure maximum material flow.