Rectangular Vibrating Screen


  • Classifying, screening or dewatering bulk solid material.
  • Most dry bulk material handling industries have requirement of scalping, grading or classifying, screening or dewatering prior to processing or packaging stage. Dry screening / dewatering can be accurately and efficiently carried out by Vibrating screens.

  • Metaflow screens are designed to provide more than 95% screening accuracy and come in a variety of designs to suit every screening need.

Principle of Operation

  • Vibrating screens operate on the principle of imparting enough acceleration force to particulate matter that results in its hopping motion over the screen surface while linear advancement. This inherent characteristic of vibratory motion with designed screener dimensions help provide most individual particles to hop against the screen opening, to either pass through or move ahead, hopping all the time thereby sifting and allowing other particles to reach the screen opening.

  • With the same principle and a suitable arrangement of screen and screening motion, dewatering duty can also be performed easily and efficiently.

Principle of Operation


  • Metaflow range of Vibrating screens is ready to serve almost every type of screening, dewatering, classification or scalping requirement.

  • Metaflow screens are fitted with standard market grade or tensile bolting cloth, stainless steel mesh, nylon or synthetic cloth, bar screen or wedge wire dewatering panels.

  • Screen cloth is selected for better life and arranged for quick cleaning and easy replacement when required. The contact surfaces of Vibrating screen surfaces can be carbon steel or corrosion resistant stainless steels or other lined medium as per bulk material properties.

  • Screen body can be open or totally enclosed and dust tight as per requirement of material being handled.

  • Metaflow vibrating screens are driven by unbalanced weight motors arranged to provide desired motion for accurate screening / dewatering.

  • For sticky materials, screen cloth choking may be reduced by arrangement of a cassette of bouncing balls.

Rectangular Vibrating Screen Features
Vibrating Screen Features