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The quality and effectiveness of Metaflow Engineering products are unrivalled when it comes to plastics, polymers, and composites. Whether your application involves powders, flakes, pellets, or regrind, our gifted team of professionals will offer you sector-specific guidance that focuses on your unique demands, leading to equipment that is specially manufactured to satisfy the specifications of your individual application.

Plastic Film
Master Batch
Electrical Cable Compounds
Engineered Plastics

The use of plastic as a raw material has increased due to the recent trend of engineering plastics replacing metallic parts, the rise in various types of electronic devices, and packaging ideas. We provide the following solutions to address this development for the compounding and master batch industries:

  • Raw materials (such as calcium carbonate, talc, polymers, resins, various additives, etc.) are conveyed mechanically and pneumatically in combination from the point of receipt to the extruder feed
  • combining several polymer grades final product is pneumatically transported to a storage silo.
  • Before packaging finished items, use a de-duster to remove particles and streamers caused by conveying.
  • solutions for pelletizing and bagging finished goods

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