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Food & Spices

For your discharge and feeding requirements at every stage of the process, there is a Metaflow Engineering.Metaflow Engineering provides solutions for material feeding, material discharge, material weighing, and material transporting for high quality control at each stage of your operation. Our products are especially well suited for the food industry because they are made of stainless steel and adhere to all hygiene and cleanliness regulations.

Pet Food
Pet Food

A noticeable shift in consumption behaviour has been occurring in the food sector, driven by rising disposable income. India is currently the second-largest food producer in the world, and one of the country’s most important sectors is food processing. By offering comprehensive solutions for the industry, such as pneumatic conveying systems, cleaning and sorting systems, storage units, and weighing solutions for a variety of products, 

In this industry, we offer a range of solutions for conveying, dust management, and extraction of different powders that contain normal, dangerous, explosive, and active nature dusts. We provide our renowned closed loop type conveying systems.

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